Frequently Asked Questions

Romantic walk on the beach - Second Beach engagement
Boho vibes - styled shoot at Eagle Falls
adventurous couple standing in the road - Las Vegas photographer

When should I book you for my wedding?

I would suggest that you book your photographer shortly after you have solidified your date with your venue and officially booked them.

What kind of equipment do you use? 

I shoot with a pair of Canon 5D Mark 3’s backed up with a 6D, all paired with both Canon and Sigma brand lenses that are mostly fixed focal length, aka prime lenses. I occasionally shoot film as well and have my father’s Canon AT-1 and a Canon Rebel that he took pristine care of over the years and then passed down to me. If you want to talk more about shooting film at your session or wedding, let me know!

Do you have a backup plan if your equipment fails? 

Definitely. I shoot with 2 cameras at the same time, so if one fails I have another on me already. If for some reason both were to fail, I have another backup in my gear bag at all times. I also carry backups of my lenses as well as multiple batteries and memory cards. In addition, I shoot with dual memory cards, so a backup of every shot is created simultaneously. I do not mess around.

Are you insured?

You bet, both for my equipment and liability.

Where are you located?

I currently split my time between Seattle and Port Angeles and am available to travel statewide for weddings and events. I’d also love to talk details for destination weddings and elopements as I’m available pretty much anywhere. Hit me up!

What can I expect our engagement/portrait session with you to be like? 

I strive for our time together to be fun, collaborative and authentic. No two sessions are the same because no two stories are the same, and that’s the greatest thing about it! My job is to capture who you are and your unique love together, so I look for the moments that happen on their own with a mixture of guided poses that enhance the vibe that is already flowing naturally. I won’t lie to you, and I won’t leave you guessing.

All I ask is that you trust me. It makes all the difference, I promise.

What should I wear for our engagement/portrait session?

In order to look your best on camera, you have to first feel your best. Start with pieces that make you feel good and that you are comfortable in and we can build from there. If you need ideas or help putting an outfit together or with finishing touches like jewelry and accessories, reach out and I can offer styling advice or we can explore new options together. I’m up for anything! I want you to feel free to be yourself because that’s what we want to capture anyway. Throw in something funky if that’s what you’re into or let those tattoos shine because you’re damn proud of them. Let your freak flag fly. That’s what we’re about.

An outfit planning tip for couples: try to avoid matching too much or mixing patterns that clash. That’s it. Go crazy.

How do you choose the location for a session?

When we first start connecting, I will ask you lots of questions about yourself and your love story. Based on what I learn about your life and what drives you, we will decide together on the perfect location for your session. If you’ve already got something awesome in mind, I’d love to hear it! I’m up for literally anything.

Are you available for travel? 

Yes! I love to travel. Shoot me an email or fill out my contact form and let’s talk details!

How many photos do you deliver from a wedding? What about from a portrait or engagement session?

This question is hard to answer as it completely depends on the flow of the day. If there are lots of details, multiple locations, a large number of guests, etc., more photos are likely to be generated than say from an elopement ceremony with a small reception. For an average sized wedding, I can say that I generally deliver anywhere between 400-1,000+ final images.

For an engagement or portrait session, this can depend as well but generally I deliver between 30 and 100+ photos. I realize this is a wide range, but it all really depends on what we choose to do during the session, whether it be hike to a waterfall or saunter around downtown Seattle, how many outfit changes you choose to do, etc. Every session is different and will yield a different number of final images.

What is your strategy on a wedding day? 

My goal is to capture as many real, genuine moments of love as humanly possible throughout the course of the day, both posed and candid. The only thing I ask of my clients is to trust me. I don’t want you to have to worry about anything photography related over the course of your wedding day, so I ask that you trust my vision and that I am competent in my profession.

I strive for my involvement in your wedding day to be as collaborative as possible, so feel free to bounce ideas off of me or ask me questions about lighting or anything else wedding related. I’m an open book!

Do you offer printing services for my images?

Yes! I firmly believe that images should be printed, whether you choose to print all of your wedding or engagement photos in 4×6’s and put them in a photo box to be looked through, get a beautiful heirloom album, or go big and put a canvas print of your beautiful faces on the wall above the fireplace. We have to remember that 10 years from now, electronic files may be in a different format and we may not be able to access our digital archives with the ease we are able to today. Who can see them there anyway?? The important things are meant to be seen, and often.

You have the option to print from a variety of sizes and canvas wraps through your online gallery which is included with all sessions. Ordering through the gallery ensures a professional print job, which I recommend even if you don’t purchase through my network. Quality is very important in this territory and I don’t mess around. Let me know if you would like recommendations on other printing services that I know and trust.

What are some interesting facts about you?  

I am a major animal lover. I guess this isn’t super interesting or unique, but it’s a huge part of who I am. The unconditional love from an animal is a beautiful and special thing that I try to never take for granted. I wish I could see the world through a dog’s eyes because they take it all at face value; no distractions, no negativity. Someday, if I can squeeze it in, I’d like to run a rescue or spend more time volunteering to help animals in need, because there are so many that do. I’m also, not surprisingly, a huge advocate of adopting/rescuing an animal who needs a home or is in danger of euthanasia vs. shopping for pets. Both of my fur-children are adopted and they are the most amazing souls I could have ever hoped to find. Nothing makes me happier than having them by my side as we adventure as much as we can because I want their short lives to be as amazing as possible. Who knows where they could have ended up if they hadn’t found me. I believe animals deserve love just as much as humans do, and if I had a bigger yard I’d have way more than two of them.

I can solve a Rubik’s cube.

My dad and brother are both pilots; my dad flew P-3’s in the Navy and now flies commercially for Southwest, and my brother currently flies F-18 Super Hornets based out of Lemoore, CA. Me? Oh I jump out of planes rather than fly them…or at least I used to. I was really into skydiving for a while, until I had a near death experience on a solo jump. I love to tell the story, so hit me up! I still think everyone should do a tandem jump once in their lifetime because it is truly a remarkable experience unlike any other. However, my story usually doesn’t help convince people to try it hahaha…

I was technically born in Florida since that’s where my Dad was stationed, but don’t hold it against me. My soul was destined for the PNW, I promise, and I found my way here in no time.